Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July MB fees Due TODAY and Yard Sale Fundraiser

This is a friendly reminder that the July MB fee payment is due TODAY.  We are sorry that the online payment option doesn’t seem to be working.  But you can go in to the main office and make your payment in person.  At our last booster meeting we told everyone that less than 50% of the summer students had paid their fees in full.  Please pay your fees in a timely manner.  We will not be able to provide the things that the students need if we don’t have money to work with.   Thank you!

Our Yard Sale Fundraiser is coming up this Saturday, August 3rd 7am-12pm in the CHHS parking lot.  Even if you are not participating in the fundraiser, please help us advertise and get the word out.  We have provided the space and advertising, so if you wish to participate, bring your own stuff to sell and set up your own area in the parking lot.  You must work your own area and collect money for your own things.  We will have multiple families participating, so come join the fun!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fee payment due July 31

This is a reminder that the third payment due date for Marching Band and Color Guard is coming due next week.  A payment of at least $75 is due next Wednesday, July 31st.  Online payments through Skyward are only useable for current high school students.  For middle school or Kearns High students, please pay in the CHHS main office.  If paying in the office, please email with your student's name, payment amount and receipt number (or you can put a copy of receipt and fee form in the band room box). 

If you are waiting for fireworks fundraiser money to be available, know that it will be able to be used for the payment due in August.  Thank you!

Yard Sale Fundraiser Aug 3

We have scheduled to use CHHS parking lot for our Yard Sale fundraiser on Saturday, August 3rd.  The times will be 7am-12pm.  Everyone is invited to participate!  Please bring your items to sell and set up your own tables and sales area.  You will be in charge of collecting for your spot.  Any money collected by you must be used to pay school band fees, since we are billing this as a band fundraiser.  At the end of the day, we will take any of your unwanted and unsold items to DI in the band trailer.  We did this yard sale last year and it was very profitable for those who participated.  Start cleaning out those basements, closets and garages! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Minutes from July Booster Meeting

Thank you for all who were able to attend our booster meeting last week.  It is always helpful to have everyone's input and support.  If you missed the meeting, here are the minutes for you to look over what was discussed.  Please look at the Forms and Information tab at the top of the page and you will find a link to the July meeting minutes.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fitting shirts for Fall Uniforms on Friday July 19

This Friday, at the regularly scheduled practice (8:00-11:00am), we will be fitting the students for their shirts for the Fall Uniform.  This is for the Fall Marching Band students only.  Color Guard will have a different uniform.  Please make sure your student attends this practice.  If they are unable to be there, please let us know.

Last few Parades, Lagoon Day, Sub Zero fundraiser

Hello Summer Band!

Today is the fundraiser event at Sub Zero Ice Cream from 12-10pm.  Please tell your friends and family to participate.  They need a flyer, which you will find at this website under the Fundraising tab at the top of the page.  You can print as many you want from there.

We also have just a few more parades and events before we are done for the summer.  For all of these events, band students please wear your band shirts, tan shorts, black socks, and black tennis shoes or marching shoes.  Color Guard students please wear your band shirts, tan shorts, white socks, and white tennis shoes.  Parents who are attending please wear your Band Parent shirts.  And everyone come prepared for the heat.  Below is the info about each of the events.

Days of ’47 Youth Parade Sat July 20
We will be riding the bus to this event.  Call time is 7:30am at CHHS. Volunteers please meet at the school at that time as well.   Buses depart the school at 8:00am.  The parade starts at 9:30am.  Our band will be #2 in the lineup for this parade.  This is a televised event, so be sure to watch the parade on KUTV channel 2.  Or if you prefer to attend in person, here is a link to information about this event.

Parade Preview and Lagoon Day Mon July 22
This event is a little different than the others.  We march and play at the South Towne Expo Center for the Days of ’47 Float Preview.  The students march inside the building where the floats are on display and then play pep band music for a time too.  Call time is at 10:00am at CHHS.  Volunteers meet at the school at that time as well.  The bus will leave the school by 10:30am.  Our performance at the Expo Center is 11:30am.  The Days of 47 preview party is a fun event that is free admission.  It’s a nice way to see the floats for the parade without standing in the sun downtown.  Come join the fun!  For more information on the Float Preview Party, check out this website link:

Now for the info that I’m sure all the students have been waiting for - Lagoon Day!  Our band will go to Lagoon immediately following our performance at the Expo Center on Monday, July 22nd.  The bus will leave from the South Towne Expo Center at 12:15pm and go directly to Lagoon.  If there are any students who cannot attend Lagoon, they will need to arrange rides home from the Expo Center.  We need parents willing to ride the buses as chaperones and go to Lagoon.   Admission for students will be discounted, but we are still waiting to get the discount tickets to know the price.  We will announce that as soon as we know.

Please bring a sack lunch, $ for admission, swimsuit and towel (if planning on doing the waterpark), etc. with you.  The bus will leave Lagoon at closing time 10pm.  Students can be picked up back at the school when the bus returns around 11:30pm.  Remember that Lagoon will not allow any purses or bags to be taken on rides, so you’ll need to rent a locker or keep things in pockets.  Be prepared for the heat and come have fun!

Lagoon’s website link:

Bountiful Parade Tues July 23
Call time for our band will be at 4:15pm at CHHS.  We will be taking a bus to this event.  Volunteers please meet at the school at that time too.  Buses will depart the school at 4:45pm.  The parade begins at 6:00pm.  Our band will be #60 in this parade.

The bus will stop at a food court place on the way home for the kids to get dinner.  So each student should bring $ to pay for their own food.  The food court has standard fast food restaurants like Wendy’s or McDonald’s.

To see the map of the route and scout out your best place to watch, go to this website link:

Thank you all for a GREAT summer parade season!!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Band Booster meeting July 18

Come join us for our next Band Booster meeting on this Thursday, July 18 at 7:00pm in the CHHS Band room!  We will be discussing fall marching band camp food assignments, yard sale fundraiser, fall show back drops, etc.  We need everyone's help to make our band program great and hope to see you there! 

Sub Zero Ice Cream Fundraiser July 17th

Sub Zero Ice Cream (7689 Jordan Landing Blvd) in Jordan Landing will be helping our band with a fundraiser on Wednesday, July 17th from noon – 10pm.  $1 will be donated for every ice cream bought when you present the flyer with your purchase.  Look for the flyer to print on this website under the Fundraising tab.  Tell your family and friends!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Need help on July 4th

We need more help working the fireworks stand on July 4th. We need help with the 2-6pm and the 6-10pm shifts.  Please look at the fireworks schedule and see what you can do to help.  But remember not to signup students to work during their parade times.  Thank you!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Corps Encore

This week there is an event called Corps Encore that features competitive drum and bugle corps from around the nation. It’s Wednesday, July 3rd, 7pm at Weber State University.  This is a great opportunity for the students to see the great bands at work and learn.  This is not a mandatory event, and you would be expected to go on your own.  But we wanted you to be aware of it so you could go if you wish.  Some of the bands are offering clinics you can go and watch this week.  Look at the links below to see where to go for clinics.

This is Santa Clara Vanguard from last week.
They will be rehearsing at Bingham High School on the 3rd.

This is Carolina Crown from two weeks ago
They will be at Lone Peak High School on the 2nd and 3rd

This is the Blue Devils from last week
They will be at American Fork High School on the 2nd and 3rd.