Monday, September 11, 2017

Weber Review Schedule

Weber Review is Saturday, September 16th at the Weber State University Stewart Stadium.  Here is the schedule:

9:00  - 11:45:  Practice
11:45:  Break for lunch.  DO NOT LEAVE.  Please send a lunch with your child or bring it to them.
1:00:  Buses depart for Weber State.
3:40:  Warm ups begin
4:45:  Performance!.
Around 5:30:  Dinner at Weber State (provided by the boosters).  Dinner will be provided for staff and parents who volunteered that day.
6:30:  Buses head for home
8:00:  Arrival at Copper Hills

There are a few open seats on the bus if you are volunteering and need a ride.  Seats are first come, first served and will go to staff members first and then parents.  There are other parents driving up if you need to car pool.

If you have signed up to help at Weber, please wear your band wear or Copper Hills colors.  You will receive instruction at the venue.  If you did not purchase a field badge, you will receive one to use that day.

If you are coming to watch, cheer loudly for our kids!  The energy helps them while they're on the field.  The entrance fee for all competitions is $5.00.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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